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Digital Update: Google DV360

You don't have to be an industry expert to notice that people's viewing habits are changing, and Google wants to place itself squarely in the middle of the ad-buying process. That's probably one of the reasons Google announced a partnership with the IAB tech lab that allows advertisers to offer unified video ads across connected TV streaming apps and YouTube.


It's called the Google Display and Video 360 platform, or DV360. The DV360 platform is an organizational and planning tool for large media buying entities that manage both reserved and open auction streaming media buys. It has several new features, such as AI-powered automated bidding and inventory recommendations.


While there's been a lot of fanfare around the Google announcement, this tool is beneficial primarily to big media organizations with very large budgets. It makes sense for advertisers who are accustomed to working with upfronts and are frustrated with the hands-on work required to leverage open auction streaming media. What does this mean for you? If you're a big advertiser, it's another tool that creates efficiencies. If you are a smaller advertiser, this tool may not make sense for you, but Cup O Content has lots of other solutions to help make the most of your ads.


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