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13 Quick Tips to Gain Followers Without Spending Money

This post is super short but really powerful, like Tic Tacs. Take 15 minutes to do these tasks every day and watch your social following grow.

1. Follow 10 new people on LinkedIn every day.

Maybe you know them, maybe you don't. Just make sure they're people in a field that means something to you.

2. Like 5 new posts on LinkedIn every day.

People like attention. And they like the people who give them attention.

3. Follow back on Twitter.

Other people want followers too. Once they see you follow back, they'll be more likely to follow you.

4. Use keywords in Pinterest posts.

Take time to describe your post. It makes it easier to search, which means more people will find you, which means more people will follow you.

5. Like 15 Instagram photos every day.

People like attention. And they like the people who give them attention.

6. Follow back on Instagram.

See #5.

7. Use industry-specific hashtags on Twitter.

It helps interested people find you.

8. Repost a few things every day - on all your platforms. Sharing is caring.

See #5.

9. Follow back on Pinterest.

See #3.

10. Use hashtags on Instagram.

It helps interested people find you.

11. Heck, use hashtags on everything.

One of two hashtags on a post never hurts, even on platforms that don't really utilize hashtags. When it comes to hashtags, err on the side of too many.

12. If someone likes a post on your business Facebook page, invite them to follow your Page.

You can look for Business Page followers on Facebook, but once they like a post or comment, you can invite them to follow.

13. Be chatty, be social, engage, and be nice on every platform. It's called social media for a reason.

Be the kind of account people want to follow.

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