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7 Steps to Help You Create Irresistible Bait That Builds Your Email Database

We live in a data-driven world. Everything we do online, from posting on Facebook to web browsing to Amazon purchases, is associated with an email. That’s an important fact to remember. Because if you want a robust digital marketing campaign, emails are gasoline to the fire. It’s much harder (and more expensive) to launch a wildly successful digital marketing campaign without a robust database as the foundation.

Emails are a marketer’s best friend. When you get enough qualified emails that match your target audience, you can use them in all sorts of ways, including…

· Sending customized offers via email.

· Sending ads to them via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Google, or YouTube.

· Sending ads to them on their phones via apps.

· Uploading them onto social media platforms and creating lookalike audiences that expand your reach to similar audiences.

While it may be tempting to buy email addresses, nothing replaces an excellent homegrown list. And it’s not impossible to build a list. With a bit of planning, some clever marketing, and inexpensive social media ads, you can attract qualified leads to a landing page AND persuade them to hand over their email addresses for remarketing.

We call this type of marketing “lead magnet marketing.” And you can launch your own lead magnet campaign in seven easy steps.

Step One: Identify Your Audience and Your Timeline

Make sure you know who you want to target. For example, do you want people who are just beginning to think about the purchase, or would you rather reach audiences that are ready to buy in the next few days? Will these people age out of your market quickly, or will they be in it for a long time?

Who are they? If you are unsure who to target, start by thinking about who decides to buy your product. Who is your decision-maker? For universities, parents may be as important as kids. If you’re a pediatric dentist, you only want to market to parents with young kids. If you sell high-end manufacturing equipment, you may have a range of target audiences, including CEOs, engineers, facility managers, and accountants.

Where are they? It’s also essential to think about where your customer is in the process. The way you market to them needs to change as they move through the buying process. The message needs to evolve. People just starting to shop for a home want to know about neighborhoods and what they can get for the money. People who need to buy a home this week want to know about the move-in condition, taxes, and availability.

Step Two: Identify the Attributes of Your Best Customer

Let’s pretend you work for a Cadillac dealership. You know intellectually that almost everyone drives a car, but only a fraction of those people will buy a Cadillac. So you could waste a lot of time and money marketing to everyone (they all need cars), or you get very targeted and market to only the people who look, act, and feel like your best customers. For a Cadillac dealership, this may be a person with deep pockets who is very concerned about status, luxury, and comfort.

Let’s pretend you run an organic farm stand. Everyone needs food. But you know that everyone is not your customer. Based on the knowledge you’ve gathered from your best customers, you know that the person who is most likely to become a regular customer will be concerned about chemicals, value local sourcing, and want whole, unprocessed foods. Your best customers’ attributes are usually your ideal customer attributes.

Once you identify ideal attributes, you start thinking about what information they desperately want to fulfill these needs.

Step Three: Create Irresistible Bait

Once you know who your audience is and what type of qualifying attributes they possess, you are able to create irresistible content that they will want. They’ll want it bad enough that they will enter their email in order to get it. This content might be in the form of a tip sheet, a report, or even an e-book. It will be highly relevant to your best customer. It will trigger their curiosity and address their needs.


Cadillac Dealership

· 7 Strategies for a Blissful Commute

· Indulgent Day Trips for Two

· Top Ten Luxury Driving Vacations

Organic Farm

· 9 Things Those Big Brands Don’t Want You to Know

· Surprising Produce to Try This Summer

· Our Guide to the Best Local Farmers and Growers

Your job is to create the right bait for your customer. The content you create should appeal only to your best customers. It should be specific enough and deep enough that they see real value and will give you their emails to get it.

Step Four: Use Social Media to Promote Your Bait

The bad news is that no matter how great your bait is, it won’t work if nobody knows about it. The good news is that advertising is more effective and less expensive than ever. By creating social media ad campaigns, you’ll be able to reach your ideal customer and place your irresistible bait in front of them at the right time. Promote your bait in the right ways, and you’ll drive hundreds or thousands of clicks to your offer.

Step Five: Landing Pages

Your social media ad clicks must take your ideal customer somewhere. We recommend sending them to a custom landing page with an opt-in form. By creating effective custom landing pages with the offer, promotions, and sell copy, you’ll increase your conversion rates exponentially.

Step Six: Use Your Emails!

Once you’ve collected a few thousand names, you have a powerful tool you can use in a wide range of applications. You can send out customized email campaigns. You can send offers. You can upload your database onto social media platforms, create lookalike audiences, and offer them your irresistible bait while capturing even more emails!

Step Seven: Don’t go it Alone

Creating and executing a strategy for building your email database is time-consuming and complicated. Companies like Cup O Content are here to help. So let’s find out if we can help you create an email list that will change the way you do business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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