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Is YouTube Shorts Right for Your Small Business?

YouTube Shorts has a massive user base, so it can place your brand in front of plenty of potential customers. This format might be a great choice for your small business because the videos are less than a minute long. That means that videos on YouTube shorts require minimal content creation investment compared to longer format video.


The vertical format can also be repurposed for Facebook or Instagram Reels, Pinterest, or TikTok. Additionally, by leveraging trending topics and including hashtags, YouTube allows you to expand your reach beyond existing followers.


Viewership of shorts skews 40 and younger, so getting your brand on Shorts is a smart way to stay relevant and connect with audiences who consume content this way.


Cup O Content can help you create and place content to build channel followers, but we can also place ads to run on YouTube Shorts so you can make an impact right away. When you get started with this video platform, you gain a powerful marketing tool that expands reach, builds community, and showcases your brand in a fun and engaging way. What are you waiting for? Contact us today.


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