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The Power of Facebook Video Ads

Using video ads is a great way to create a dynamic experience on Facebook that stops viewers from scrolling. The immersive quality of video ads allows companies to showcase products or services in action and deliver messages in more engaging ways.


Facebook video ads also have higher click-through rates and better brand recall compared to traditional image-based ads, so they tend to get more results. And advertisers don't have to spend a fortune to make video ads work. Selfie videos, stock videos, and even animated or moving still images all work, and with so many new AI features, video editing is faster and less expensive than ever before.

This means that video ads can work for almost any budget, but they do take a little time and money to create professional results. It's smart to test video ads against the best-performing still image ads on Facebook and see which works best before you make a bigger investment.


If you're interested in creating videos for your business, Cup O Content can help. We create inexpensive videos that produce big results quickly and efficiently, and we test and analyze continually to make sure you're getting the best bang


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