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2019: The Year of Content Marketing

You’ve done all you can do with traditional marketing. Your website is blah. Your social media is dragging. You KNOW that digital media is the way to go, but you haven’t been able to get it moving, shaking, snapping, or sparking. But just having social media and a website isn’t enough. They have to work for your business.

If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time to embrace content marketing – give it a huge, lung-crushing hug. Pay attention to it, spend time on it, and make content marketing a working part of your overall marketing program.

Make 2019 the Year of Content Marketing

Obviously, we’re big fans of content marketing here at Cup O Content. Content marketing brings your website and social media together in engaging ways. You can reach a lot of goals without a lot of spending. Content marketing is a way to get more followers, audiences, leads, opt-ins, and even sales.

But no one said it’s simple. Content marketing is a complex process that requires you to be firing on all cylinders. That’s why, as our holiday gift to you, we’re giving you some hard-working tips, that truly will make a big difference in your content marketing, and we’re giving them to you for free.

But a word of caution: none of these tips work if you don't DO them.

FREE TIP #1: Post Appropriately

If you want more followers on social, you have to put good original content out there on a regular basis. And because social media feeds only show users the most recent posts, you have to post throughout the day.

Here are some guidelines. They don’t work for everyone, but they should get you started.

(1) Change up your content at least once a week

(2) Post at least 1x a day on Facebook

(3) Post at least 1x a day on LinkedIn – some people post as much as 10x a day without boring followers

(4) Post at least 1x a day on Instagram, and you can go as high as 15X a day without alienating your followers

(5) Post at least 1x a day on Twitter – and you can go as high as 20x a day without annoying your followers

(6) Post daily to Pinterest

(6) BONUS TIP: post at even intervals throughout the day. The idea is to be in the feeds throughout the day, so posting three times in a row is not going to increase your reach or effectiveness.

FREE TIP #2: Use Hashtags

Hashtags are MANDATORY for Twitter and Instagram posts. They’re recommended for LinkedIn. Don’t bother with them on Facebook.

FREE TIP #3: Always Use Images

Create images for each and every post. Make your images compelling but straightforward. Avoid visually complicated images. And include your logo on each image. Resize images to fit each social media platform’s requirements. And make sure you have the rights to use any photos or images.

FREE TIP #4: Respond to Comments at Least Once a Day

Check your social media site at least once a day, and respond to all comments, even if it’s just with a “Thanks!” or a Like.

FREE TIP #5: Follow, Like, Share

Social media needs to be social to work. That means you can’t just throw stuff out there and never interact with it again. Make it a habit to go onto each of your social media platforms every morning and follow, like, or share the things that other people and businesses post. And do it each and every day. Yeah, it’s work, but what part of your world produces any return without effort? Do the legwork.

FREE TIP #6: Post Articles on LinkedIn

Don’t underestimate the power of a LinkedIn article to increase your awareness, remind your network of your expertise, and build your LinkedIn following. You can repurpose blogs or other articles if you like, but articles provide others a peek into your professional powers and point of view. Make it a goal to post 12 articles in 2019. If you want to be a superstar, post 24. Or 36. Or 48. You get the idea.

FREE TIP #7: Use Video

Yes, a video is more expensive. Yes, video takes more time to create. That’s why everyone isn’t using it. But when you do use it, you’ll see exponential results. So, if you have a video laying around, repurpose it. Break it up into little clips. Add captions. Whatever you need to do. Make video a part of your social media plan in 2019.


(you knew it was coming)

Hire a Content Marketing Firm, Like Us

For every tip we’ve shared in this article, there are 20 more that we can’t (or won’t) share. Creating a vibrant, successful content marketing program takes time and effort. Contact us, and we’ll tell you how we can help your business reach its goals in 2019.

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